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Book NameABC of GST
AuthorAnil Goyal
Edition1st edn., 2023
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Discover the comprehensive guide ‘ABC of GST’ by Anil Goyal. Take advantage of a limited-time offer of flat 27% discount and free shipping. This 1st edition, published in 2023 with ISBN 978-93-9416-370-6, provides valuable insights into the world of Goods and Services Tax. With 472 pages of content, explore topics ranging from the introduction to GST to detailed chapters on CGST Act, IGST Act, and GST Rules. Enhance your understanding of GST administration, tax levy, input tax credit, returns, penalties, and more. Don’t miss out on this essential resource for tax professionals, businesses, and learners.


Division I

GST Acts

A. CGST Act, 2017

 SectionPage No.
Introduction to GST1
Chapter 1Preliminary1-27
Chapter 2 Administration3-616
Chapter 3Levy and collection of tax7-1118
Chapter 4Time and value of supply12-1528
Chapter 5Input tax Credit16-2135
Chapter 6Registration22-3049
Chapter 7Tax Invoice, debit/credit note31-3461
Chapter 8Accounts and Records35-3667
Chapter 9Returns37-4869
Chapter 10Payment of Tax49-5381
Chapter 11Refunds54-5892
Chapter 12Assessments59-64102
Chapter 13Audit65-66108
Chapter 14Inspection Search Seizure and Arrest67-72111
Chapter 15Demand & Recovery73-84119
Chapter 16Liability to pay in certain cases85-94140
Chapter 17Advance Ruling95-106146
Chapter 18Appeals & Revision107-121153
Chapter 19Offences and Penalties122-138171
Chapter 20Transitional Provisions139-142188
Chapter 21Miscellaneous Provisions143-174197
Schedule 1


Activities or transactions to be treated
as Supply even if made without consideration
Schedule 2Activities or transactions to be treated
as Supply of Goods or Supply of Service
Schedule 3 Activities or transactions which shall be treated neither as supply of goods
nor as supply of service
RCM SupplySupply of Goods & Service Subject to RCM216

B. IGST Act, 2017

 SectionPage No.
Introduction to IGST Act, 2017220
Chapter 1Preliminary1-2221
Chapter 2 Administration3-4225
Chapter 3Levy and collection of tax5-6226
Chapter 4Determination of Nature of supply7-9229
Chapter 5Place of supply of Goods or service or Both10-14232
Chapter 6Refund of IGST to International Tourist15242
Chapter 7Zero rated supply16243
Chapter 8Apportionment of tax & settlement of funds17-19245
Chapter 9Miscellaneous Provisions20-25248

C. GST (Compensation to State) Act, 2017

 SectionPage No.
Introduction to GST (Compensation to State) Act, 2017250
Sections and Schedule1-14250-258

 Division II

GST Rules

A. Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017

 Rule No.Page No.
Introduction to GST Rules259
Chapter 1Preliminary1-2261
Chapter 2Composition Rules3-7262
Chapter 3Registration8-26268
Chapter 4Determination of Value of Supply27-35290
Chapter 5Input tax Credit36-45299
Chapter 6Tax Invoice, Debit/Credit Note46-55330
Chapter 7Accounts and Records56-58342
Chapter 8Returns59-84349
Chapter 9Payment of Tax85-88366
Chapter 10Refunds89-97380
Chapter 11Assessments & Audit98-102400
Chapter 12Advance Ruling103-107405
Chapter 13Appeals & Revision108-116407
Chapter 14Transitional Provisions117-121414
Chapter 15Anti-Profiteering122-137419
Chapter 16E-Way Rules138420
Chapter 17Inspection, Search & Seizure139-141432
Chapter 18Demand & Recovery142-161434
Chapter 19Offences and Penalties162449

B. IGST Rules, 2017

 Rule No.Page No.
Chapter 1IGST Rules1-9451

C. GST Compensation Cess Rules, 2017

 Rule No.Page No.
Chapter 1GST (Compensation to State) Rules1-2460

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