Corporate Social Responsibility


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Author : CA. Kamal Garg

EDN.: 4th edn., 2023

ISBN: 978-93-9085-448-6

Pages: 432

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Discover the comprehensive guide to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a flat 30% discount and free shipping. Authored by CA. Kamal Garg, this 4th edition (2023) book with ISBN 978-93-9085-448-6 offers valuable insights into CSR practices. With 16 chapters spanning 432 pages, topics covered include the evolution of CSR, mandatory obligations, CSR impact assessment, reporting guidelines, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of CSR under the Companies Act, 2013, and its interplay with Ind AS. This guide also highlights the auditor’s responsibilities and provides practice illustrations. Whether you’re a professional or student interested in CSR, this book is a valuable resource.

Serial NumberChapter Title
Chapter 1Corporate Social Responsibility – An Introduction
Chapter 2Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Chapter 3Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013 and disclosures in annual report
Chapter 4CSR Impact Assessment
Chapter 5Companies to which CSR Obligations are Applicable
Chapter 6Mandatory CSR Obligations including CSR committee, Set off and Creation or Acquisition of CSR Capital Asset and disclosures in financial statements
Chapter 7Report on Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 8Mandatory CSR Spends
Chapter 9CSR Amendment Rules, 2021 and Ind AS – the Interplay
Chapter 10Auditor’s Responsibilities under SA and CARO
Chapter 11Practice Pointer Illustrations on CSR
Chapter 12CSR Spends Vis-a-Vis Charitable And Political Contributions Under Companies Act, 2013 And Income Tax Act, 1961
Chapter 13Business Process Integration and Shared Value
Chapter 14Business Responsibility sustainability reporting by Listed Companies
Chapter 15CSR Reporting vis-a-vis Indian Corporates
Chapter 16CSR Governance Guidelines and CSR Audits

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