Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation for CA Final


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TitleDirect Tax Laws & International Taxation For CA Final
Edition17th edn., 2024
AuthorsCA. Arvind Tuli
PublisherBharat Publishers
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ChapterContentPage Number
Chapter 1(a): Structure of Law3
(b): Basis of Charge11
(c): Residential Status23
(d): Rates of Tax39
(e): Scope of Income68
Chapter 2TDS & TCS85
Part a – Tax Deducted at Source [TDS]85
Part b – Tax Collected at Source [TCS]155
Chapter 3Business & Profession [Sec 28 to 44]175
Section A: Section 28:  Receipts under Business or profession178
Section B: Summary for Expenditure u/s 30 to 37208
Section C: Summary for Restrictions on Allowable Expenditure210
PART – C: Restrictions on Allowable Deductions262
CHAPTER 3aDepreciation & Actual Cost [Sec 32 & 43]289
CHAPTER 3bIncome Disclosure Standards [ICDS] [Sec 145 & ICDS I to X]327
CHAPTER 3cPresumptive Income [Sec 44AD/Sec 44AE/Sec 44ADA]340
CHAPTER 3dConcept of Mutuality [Sec 28(iii) read with Sec 44A]351
CHAPTER 3eEncouraging Non cash Transactions [Sec 269SS/ Sec 269T/Sec 269ST/Sec 269SU]358
CHAPTER 3fForeign exchange fluctuation [Sec 43A/Sec 43AA read with ICDS VI]367
CHAPTER 3gDiversion & Application [A concept]374
CHAPTER 3hBooks & Audit [Sec 44AA & 44AB]377

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