eTDS wizard (eTds+DNF) Software to file fully compliant eTDS Statement and to avoid penalties  Powered by Newgen (Fast/Facts)

Key Features:

• Create your returns from FY 2007-08 onwards. No cap on number of returns being created.

• Create and Print Forms (26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 24Q) regular & revised quarterly TDS return in formats prescribed by Income Tax Department.

• Digitally sign Traces 16 / Traces 16A. Generate covering letter for Traces 16 / Traces 16A.

• Digitally sign Form 16 (Part A & Part B) and generate covering letter.

• Forecast your Default Notice in a single click using eTdsDNF. Calculate your interest on Delayed deduction & deposit.

• Seamless File correction returns and maintain correction log for Filed returns.

• Justification Report.

• Convert your regular FVU / Correction FVU / Consolidated TDS file into MS-Excel.

• Bulk PAN verification.

Sign & Email:

Faster processes save you time and effort when signing and sending email

 Digitally sign Form 16 (Part A & Part B) and generate covering letters.

 Place your signature using co- ordinates (Horizontal / Vertical) on Certificates

 Save SMTP details in configuration for email sending.

 Option to view sample certificate.

Traces Connectivity:

Take advantage of automating TRACES and improve data accuracy.

 Inbuilt Validation Tool for PAN

 Verification.

 Bulk verification of lower rate certificates u/s 197.

 Check Status of your returns.

 Request your consolidated file using original return (.TXT file) for correction/revised returns.

 Save your TAN login details for quick connection. with TRACES.

 Bulk PAN verification.

Default Notice Validations enhanced:

Accurate compliance and reporting, minimal correction and forecasting of default notices.

 Forecast your regular 26Q / 27Q / 24Q returns.

 Calculate interest payable on Delayed deduction & deposit.

 Validate your DTAA rates under 27Q return.

 Regular TDS Returns.

 Validate your 24Q Tax calculation.

 eTds DNF upgrade notification.

Correction Return:

Advanced features to make revised correction with helping tool tips.

 Seamless File correction returns

 Excel based utility for easy to use

 Maintain correction log for Filed returns.

 Help tool tips under Create etds and correction utility

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