Intellectual Property Rights – Volume. 1


Book Name Intellectual Property Rights – Volume. 1
Author Prof. Dr. Jyoti Rattan
Publisher Bharat Publishers
Edition 2nd edn., 2024
ISBN 978-81-9675-863-9
Pages 712

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Embark on a journey into the realm of Intellectual Property Rights with “Intellectual Property Rights – Volume 1,” authored by Prof. Dr. Jyoti Rattan and skillfully published by Bharat Publishers. Unveiling its 2nd edition in 2024 across 712 pages, this comprehensive volume offers profound insights into IP law. Seize the opportunity with a flat 17% discount for a limited time, coupled with the convenience of free shipping. Immerse yourself in chapters covering international copyright, ownership, licenses, civil remedies, and more. Elevate your understanding of Intellectual Property Rights as you navigate through the intricate legal landscape outlined in this invaluable edition.

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Contents At a Glance

Chapter Content Page
Bharat? 5
Foreword 7
Preface 9
Chapter 1 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): International Law 1
Chapter 2 Copyright & International Law 33
Chapter 3 Indian Law Relating to Copyright: Preliminary 42
Chapter 4 Work in which Copyright Subsists & Meaning of Copyright 52
Chapter 5 Ownership of Copyright and Rights of the Owner 65
Chapter 6 Term of Copyright 80
Chapter 7 Licenses 88
Chapter 8 Copyright Societies 112
Chapter 9 Rights of Broadcasting Organisation and Performers 122
Chapter 10 International Copyright 130
Chapter 11 Copyright Office and Registration of Copyright 143
Chapter 12 Infringement of Copyright 150
Chapter 13 Civil Remedies 175
Chapter 14 Offences 189
Chapter 15 Appeals 201
Chapter 16 Miscellaneous 204

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