Contract Act (Covering Contract-1 & Contract-2)


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TitleContract Act (Covering Contract-1 & Contract-2)
Edition5th edn., 2024
AuthorsDr. Jyoti Rattan
PublisherBharat Publishers
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Discover the latest edition (5th edn., 2024) of the “Contract Act (Covering Contract-1 & Contract-2)” authored by Dr. Jyoti Rattan and published by Bharat Publishers. This extensive book spans 576 pages, delving into the intricate aspects of contract law, including Formation of Contract, Types of Agreements, Capacity to Contract, Consent, Consideration, Discharge of Contract, and more. Avail a flat 17% discount for a limited period, coupled with free shipping. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to understanding contract law essentials.

ChapterContentPage Number
Unit I: Law of Contract-1
Chapter 1Formation of Contract and Proposal1
Chapter 2Acceptance28
Chapter 3Revocation50
Chapter 4Standard Contracts, Adhesion or Boilerplate Contract67
Chapter 5Types of Agreements and Contract75
Chapter 6Capacity to Contract87
Chapter 7Free Consent: Coercion115
Chapter 8Undue Influence130
Chapter 9Fraud143
Chapter 10Misrepresentation158
Chapter 11Nature of Contract where Consent is Caused by Coercion, Fraud and Misrepresentation168
Chapter 12Mistake175
Chapter 13Consideration185
Chapter 14Unlawful Consideration200
Chapter 15Void Agreements214
Chapter 16Contingent Contracts245
Chapter 17Discharge of Contract: Performance of Contract256
Chapter 18Discharging the Contract by Breach284
Chapter 19Impossibility and Illegality293
Chapter 20Discharge by Agreement and Novation310
Chapter 21Obligation of Person who has received Advantage under Voidable & Void Contract and Miscellaneous Provisions320
Chapter 22Quasi contracts329
Chapter 23Damages346
Unit II: Law of Contract-2
Chapter 1Indemnity376
Chapter 2Guarantee386
Chapter 3Bailment420
Chapter 4Pledge461
Chapter 5Agency483
Chapter 6Lien555

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