WEALTH CREATION through Savings, Investments & Growth


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Author : Dr. Rajeev Babel

EDN.: 1st, 2023

ISBN: 978-81-9416-358-4

Pages: 736

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Highlights of the Book

  • Attempts to describe all the avenues of earnings, savings, and prudently investing, right from the dawn to the dusk of a person’s life cycle.
  • Describes about the inculcation of Habit of Savings, Management of Expenses, Ascertain the difference between NEED and WANT, Preparation of Budget, Financial Planning to achieve the different Goals of Life Cycle and Effect of Compounding.
  • Importance of risk covering of the life and health coverage plans for the self and family.
  • Investment products covering the risk-free products (viz: Bank and Post Office Deposits, Government Securities) and risk bearing products (like: Investment in Mutual Funds, Shares, Company Deposits, Bonds).
  • Importance of Documentation of Insurance, Investments, Borrowings, Estate Planning through Nomination and Writing of WILL.

Contents at a glance

Content DescriptionPage No.
About the Author9
Detailed Contents13
Abbreviations used in this Book51
Important Websites55
Chapter 1 Introduction1
Chapter 2 Importance of Money2
Chapter 3 Sources of Income4
Chapter 4 Expenditure Management6
Chapter 5 Savings1
Chapter 6 Preparation of Budget12
Chapter 7 Financial Planning for Different Needs of Life Cycle & Approach to Achieve Financial Goals21
Chapter 8 Savings Vs. Investments26
Chapter 9 Rule of 7233
Chapter 10 Effect of Compounding36
Chapter 11 Life Insurance42
Chapter 12 General Insurance72
Chapter 13 Deposits with Private Business Firms/ Mahajans etc.98
Chapter 14 Banking Products99
Chapter 15 Investment in Post Office Products173
Chapter 16 Investment in Government Securities246
Chapter 17 Welfare Scheme of Central Government261
Chapter 18 Investment in Mutual Funds323
Chapter 19 Investment in Stock Market387
Chapter 20 Investment in Company Deposits, Debentures and Bonds475
Chapter 21 Investment in Gold Products496
Chapter 22 Investment in Immovable Property527
Chapter 23 Tax Savings Products under Income-tax Act, 1961539
Chapter 24 Pension/Retirement Products and its Tax Treatments55
Chapter 25 Avoid Investments in PONZI Scheme568
Chapter 26 Documentation of Insurance, Investments, Borrowings and Others573
Chapter 27 Estate Planning for Legal Heirs582

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