Refresher Course on GST Law – Analysis of Law with Practical Concepts


As we all know that since beginning multiple amendments has come in GST Law and due to those amendments our day to day practices has also got effected. Also there is multiple judicial pronouncements has come time to time, and effected the provisions of law. So, its quite difficult to stay updated in this scenario and maintain the practice, hence for updating the knowledge we are coming with an complete refresher course on GST Law. In this course we will discuss each and every aspect of GST Law in detail with live practical examples. This course is completely based on special techniques for memorising the law. The Complete Discussion will based on Practical Approach. The session is completely interactive session with live Query Solutions. Day and topic wise schedule has been attached for your quick reference

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(DATE : 15/04/2023 to 24/04/2023
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

Day and topic wise schedule has been attached for your quick reference :


Day 1  : BASICS OF GST LAW – In this session we are going to discuss Constitutional background of GST, Important definitions under GST, event of taxability under GST, Concept of deemed supply, concept of composite and mixed supply, classification of goods and services and related case studies. Will discuss about techniques to decide point of taxation which will help in our day to day practices also. We will also cover complete analysis of definition of supply with live practical examples.

DAY 2  : ALL ABOUT VALUE OF SUPPLY – Concept of Transaction value under GST, Discount under GST, Free supplies under GST, Rule 27,28,29,30,31 under GST regarding Valuation Concept of pure agent under GST, GST on reimbursement expenses and related case studies. Will also discuss about calculation tool for deciding value of supply(i.e. Transaction Value). will also cover hand handling techniques on inclusion or exclusions of transaction value with multiple live practical scenarios.    

DAY 3  : DETAILED ANALYSIS ON INPUT TAX CREDIT – Flow of Input Tax Credit, Manner and requirement of availing of ITC, Blocked Credit under GST, Concept of Input tax credit of capital goods,  merger, amalgamation or sale of business, Input tax credit related case studies. Exempted and taxable supplies concept under GST, SPECIAL PROVISIONS IN RESPECT OF Banks, Financial Institution and NBFC, Case studies Related to calculation of ITC related to exempted as well as taxable supplies both, Concept of Input Service Distributor. Will cover all the phase wise amendments related to input tax credit and effect thereof. Will also cover practical aspects of claiming input tax credit.

DAY 4  : PLACE OF SUPPLY QUITE INTERESTING TO DECIDE –  Provisions related to provisions related to place of supply in case of supply of goods or services (Domestic), POS in case of passenger transportation services, Advertisement services to government, Telecommunication services , Case studies related to Place of supply, Place of supply in case of export or import of goods or services or both, Concept of Global Agreement and Global Framework Agreement, POS in case of Performance Related Services, POS in case of Services directly in relation to immovable property, Concept of intermediary. Will cover practical aspects related to place of supply provisions so that we will be in a situation to decide correct POS in each and every case.

DAY 5  TIME OF SUPPLY AND RCM – In this segment we will cover Provisions related to Time of supply of Goods, Time of supply of services,  Concept of Services and persons under Reverse Charge, Procedure for Reverse Charge. As we all know that POS plays important role in GST because in case of wrong TOS there is multiple penal as well as interest provisions will applicable on taxpayer. Also cover RCM specially in case of freight and Director Services.

DAY 6  : REFUND UNDER GST, CONCEPTS OF IMPORT – EXPORT, EOU, SEZ – In this segment we will cover Meaning and Types of refund, Authority to allow and disburse refund, Statutory provisions related to Refund under GST, Procedure for filling of all refund applications, Concept of provisional refund of ITC in case of exports, Concept of Withholding of Refund, Concept of refund of unutilized ITC, Concept of Consumer Welfare fund under GST. Also will discuss on GST provision Related to Export of goods or services, Zero Rated Supply, Concept of Export under LUT, Concept of export of goods on payment of 0.1% IGST, Supply at duty free shops at international airports, Concept of Deemed Export, Concept of Import of Services, Provisions related to supplies to or from SEZ, Provisions related to EOU. Discussion will completely based on Practical Approach. Will also cover practical guide to file refund application on GST Portal.

DAY 7 : ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT, DEMAND AND RECOVERY UNDER GST – In this segment we will discuss Meaning of assessment , Types of Assessment, Scrutiny of Returns, Concept of Audit by Tax Authorities, Concept of Special Audit by Chartered Accountant, Provisions related to Demand and recovery, Concept of wilful Misstatement and Fraud, General Provisions relating to demand of Tax, Liability of various entities in case of demand raised by department. Will also discuss practical guide to file reply of various departmental notices. Also cover discussion on parameters of various audits under GST Law. Also discuss on the grounds for Section 73 and 74 which will completely based on live practical examples.

DAY 8  – APPEAL, REVISION, PROCECUTION AND COMPUNDING UNDER GST : In this segment we will discuss about Appeal Against Adjudication Under GST, First Appeal before Appellate Authority, Procedure of appeal before appellate tribunal, Procedure of Appeals before high court and supreme court, Constitutional Remedies in GST.  Will also cover Civil and criminal Liabilities under GST, Prosecution for offences under GST Law, Compounding of offences, Procedure for Compounding. Many time we found that we have less expertise in case of Appeal hence, In this course we will cover complete guide to file appeal against the orders including Documentary Requirements.

DAY 9  –  BURNING ISSUES UNDER GST – In this segment we will discuss about provisions related to works contract under GST including claiming of transitional credit. Also cover ITC specific provisions related to works contract including rule 43 of CGST Rules. GST Applicability in case of Affordable housing, Residential and Commercial Property. Will also cover Concept of GTA, Leasing including applicability of GST Law and industry specific practical guide. We will cover 360 degree analysis of works contract provisions under GST with live practical examples.

DAY 10 :BURNING ISSUES UNDER GST – In this segment we will cover provisions related to JOB WORK, E-Way Bill in a practical way. Also we will discuss applicability of E-WAY BILL and E- Invoice applicability in a practical way. Also will cover various issues faced by taxpayers while generating E-way and E – INVOICE. will also cover Various Exemptions available under GST including industry specific exemptions. Also we will discuss various applicable returns under GST. Discussion on return will completely be based on practical approach with live tools.


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