Handbook on Internal Auditing


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EDN.: 7th edn., 2023

ISBN: 978-81-9636-310-9

Pages: 760

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Get a copy of ‘Handbook on Internal Auditing‘ by CA. KAMAL GARG (ISBN: 978-81-9636-310-9). This comprehensive guide, in its 7th edition, covers the nature and basic concepts of auditing, internal audit under the Companies Act, 2013, preparation for an audit, internal control, audit in a CIS environment, risk and enterprise risk management, and much more. With 760 pages and 26 chapters, this book is a valuable resource for auditors. Get it now with a flat 28% discount for a limited period, plus free shipping.

Serial NumberChapter TitlePage Number
Chapter 1Auditing — Nature and Basic Concepts1
Chapter 2Internal Audit under Companies Act, 201323
Chapter 3Preparation for an Audit26
Chapter 4Internal Control44
Chapter 5Audit in CIS Environment55
Chapter 6Risk and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) — An Introduction76
Chapter 7Establishing Risk Strategy93
Chapter 8Undertaking Risk Assessments118
Chapter 9Engagement Letter137
Chapter 10Internal Audit and Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2020147
Chapter 11Internal Audit and Corporate Governance154
Chapter 12Internal Control Questionnaire206
Chapter 13Internal Control Assessment Audit Questionnaire214
Chapter 14Risk Control Matrix243
Chapter 15Internal Audit Checklists247
Chapter 16Internal Audit Report349
Chapter 17Management and Operational Audit354
Chapter 18Investigations364
Chapter 19Other Aspects in Internal Audit ~ Audit Risk Model and Business Control Sheet396
Chapter 20Guidance Notes on Auditing Aspects413
Chapter 21ICAI Guidance Note on Internal Financial Controls over Financial Reporting465
Chapter 22Gist of Accounting Standards469
Chapter 23Code of Ethics536
Chapter 24Miscellaneous Internal Audits609
Chapter 25Illustrative Audit Programmes627
Chapter 26Appendices676

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