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Author : R.K. Garg

EDN.: 9th edn., 2023

ISBN: 978-81-7737-281-6

Pages: 464

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Get a 27% discount and free shipping on the book ‘Handbook on PROJECT REPORTS’ authored by R.K. Garg. This comprehensive handbook, in its 9th edition, covers a wide range of topics related to project reports. With an ISBN of 978-81-7737-281-6 and 464 pages, this book offers valuable insights and guidance. Explore chapters such as Project and Environmental Analysis, Capital Project Definition and Characteristics, Capital Project Cycle, Detailed Project Report, and more. The book also includes appendices with project report contents, commercial analysis charts, illustrations on cost of capital, and other useful resources. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer of a flat 25% discount and free shipping.      

1Project and Environmental Analysis
2Capital Project — Definition, Characteristics
3Capital Projects — Opportunities, Classification, Benefits
4Capital Project Cycle, Stages in Project Execution
5Detailed Project Report (DPR) — Definition, Preparation, Uses, Auditing
6Project Preparation — Multi-Functional Skills Required
7Project Viability
8Project Analysis — Commercial Aspects
9Project Analysis — Technical Aspects
10Project Analysis — Economic Aspects [Social Cost–Benefit Analysis]
11Project Analysis — Managerial Aspects [Analysis of Strengths of Managerial Team]
12Project Analysis — Financial Aspects [Estimation, Viability, and Financing]
AProject Report — Contents and Information
BChart on Commercial Analysis
CDetermination of Sale Price
DOperation Process Flow Chart
EManpower Estimates
FIllustrations on Project Network and Time Estimates
GIllustrations on Cost of Capital
HIllustrations on Time Value of Money, Financial Appraisal of Capital Projects

Illustration on analysis of Pollution Control Project

IIllustration on Projected Financial Statements and Detailed Financial Appraisal of a Large Project
JExample of ‘Consideration of Inflation Factor’ in Project Preparation and Appraisal
KPresent Value (Table A) (For Annual Discounting)
LPresent Value (Table B) (Discounting Stream of Even Cash Flows)

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