Video Course: How to Reply to GST Notices & SCN & to Fake ITC Notices


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Drafting is the first step of litigation and it ends when the judgment is delivered by the court. The process in between is a lengthy process starting from the issuance of advisory, notices under different sections, ASMT 10, DRC 01 and others.  It is of paramount importance to understand and know which notice may get resolved at which stage of adjudication.

Have you ever wondered why any notice under GST is being issued??

The answer to this can be many but not limited to checking that a diverse view can be possible vis-a-vis taken by the taxpayer. An issuance of notice is just not to state that the taxpayer will be wrong but instead to check evasion of taxes if any.

Impatient taxpayers at times submit more additional information than required. Hence unknowingly they do more harm (rather than making their case strong ) and provide additional information to the department, which later becomes a part of SCN. Issues in the notice that are not disputed, become indirectly accepted by the taxpayer. As per Section 101 the Indian Evidence Act, the burden of proof lies on a person asserting the fact.

A litigation strategy needs to be adopted before making the first reply to any notice. Sec 160(2) of the CGST Act, 217 also supports the importance of raising the question on the notice in the first reply itself. To learn more about this litigation strategy, how to make a systematic approach and how to  reply to notices, kindly register for this Webinar .Details are mentioned below and click the registration link.

Fees Rs. 750+GST

Contents in Brief –

  • Background in Litigation
  • Approach towards Reading A Notice
  • Pre Notice Consultation
  • Brief on Evidence Act vis a vis GST
  • Preparation towards a Reply
  • Finer Points for Reply to SCN
  • Sample Templates of Reply
  • Practical Tips for Reply and During Hearing Proceedings

Session 1 : Title – Approach Towards Gst Notices

Session 2 – How to Reply to GST Notices & SCN

Bonus – How to Deal with Fake ITC Notices.

Faculty – CA Sunnay Jariwala

CA Sunnay Jariwala is a practising CA since last 19 years with keen interest and focus in IDT taxation and litigation matters.

Regular Appearing at Tribunals and Appeal late Authorities.

He is having his offices at Surat and Ahmedabad and is a partner in D V Shah and Associates.

Empanelled Faculty with ICAI for GST.

He is a keynote speaker in various seminars and conferences including GST certificate by MSME Govt of India, Yes Bank, Kotak Bank and CII. He has successfully completed many webinar series on GST and its related Litigation aspects.

He is consulting to various CA firms across Gujarat for GST matters.


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