Company Law Ready Referencer


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Book NameCompany Law Ready Referencer
AuthorCorporate Professionals
EditionJune, 2023
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About Corporate Professionalsiii
Brief Profile of Experts who have contributed to this Bookvii
How to read the Book/ Some unique features of the Bookxix
Division 1. Ready Referencer1A
A.Companies Act 2013 & 19561A.3
1.Enforcement Status of Sections of the Companies Act, 2013 and Subsequent Amendments1A.5
2.Sections of the Companies Act, 2013 not yet Enforced1A.44
3.Sections Subsequently Inserted in The Companies Act, 20131A.45
4.Sections Subsequently Omitted in the Companies Act, 20131A.49
5.Sections of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020 Not Yet Enforced1A.52
6.Provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and Corresponding Provisions of the Companies Act, 20131A.53
7.Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and Corresponding Provisions of the Companies Act, 19561A.98
B.Gist of Subsequent Amendments in the Companies Act, 20131B.1
8.Gist of the Amendments made by the Companies (Removal of Difficulties) Orders1B.3
9.Gist of the Amendments made by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 20151B.7
10.Gist of the Amendments made by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 20161B.10
11.Gist of the Amendments made by the Finance Act, 20171B.22
12.Gist of the Amendments made by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 20171B.23
13.Gist of the Amendments made by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 20191B.52
14.Gist of the Amendments made by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 20201B.63
C.List of Forms and Formats under the Companies Act 20131C.1
15.C- Forms and Formats under The Companies Act, 20131C.3
16.List of Formats1C.12
D.Types of Companies1D.1
17.Type of Companies1D.3
E.Member’s Approvals under the Companies Act, 20131E.1
18.Matters Requiring Approval of Members by Ordinary Resolution1E.3
19.Matters Requiring Approval of Members by Special Resolution1E.9
20.Matters Requiring Consent of the Holders of Three-Fourth in Value1E.18
21.Matters Requiring Consent of Atleast 90% of the Members1E.20
22.Matters Requiring Consent of Atleast 95% of the Members1E.21
23.Rights which can be Exercised by Members Having at Least 10% Voting Power1E.23
24.Matters Required to be Agreed to by all the Members1E.27
25.Matters Requiring Special Notice1E.29
26.Matters to be Passed by Postal Ballot1E.30
F.Board’s Approvals under the Companies Act, 20131F.1
27.Matters Requiring Unanimous Resolutions by Board of Directors1F.3
28.Matters Requiring Resolutions to be Passed by Board of Directors in Board Meeting Only1F.4
G.Privileges and Exemptions under the Companies Act, 20131G.1
29.Privileges and Exemptions for Private Company1G.3
30.Privileges and Exemptions for Specified IFSC Private Company1G.8
31.Privileges and Exemptions for Specified IFSC Public Company1G.13
32.Privileges and Exemptions for Government Companies1G.19
33.Privileges and Exemptions for Nidhi Company1G.26
34.Privileges and Exemptions for Section 8 Company (Non-Profit)1G.29
35.Privileges and Exemptions for One Person Company (OPC)1G.32
36.Privileges and Exemptions for Small Company1G.35
37.Privileges and Exemptions for Start-Up Companies1G.37
38.Privileges and Exemptions for Dormant Company1G.40
H.Disclosures under the Companies Act, 20131H.1
39.Disclosures in Directors’ Report by One Person Company and Small Company1H.3
40.Disclosures in Directors’ Report by Private Company1H.6
41.Disclosures in Directors’ Report by Unlisted Public Company1H.13
42.Disclosures in Directors’ Report by Listed Company1H.22
43.Matters Required to be Posted on Website of the Company1H.31
44.Disclosures in Explanatory Statement1H.38
45.Matters Required to be Published in Newspapers1H.51
46.Disclosures by Director to the Board/Company1H.62
I.Statutory Registers under the Companies Act, 20131I.1
47.List of Statutory Registers1I.3
48.Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificates1I.5
49.Register of Sweat Equity Shares1I.7
50.Register of Employee Stock Options1I.8
51.Register of Shares/Other Securities Bought-Back1I.9
52.Register of Deposits1I.10
53.Register of Charges1I.11
54.Register of Members1I.12
55.Register of Debenture Holders1I.16
56.Register of Other Security Holders1I.19
57.Foreign Register of Members etc.1I.22
58.Register of Significant Beneficial Owners1I.26
59.Minutes Book1I.27
60.Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel1I.30
61.Register of Loans, Guarantee, Security and Acquisition Made by the Company1I.32
62.Register of Investments not Held in its Own Name by the Company1I.34
63.Register of Contracts with Related Party and Contracts and Bodies etc. in which Directors are Interested1I.35
J.Important Codes List under the Companies Act, 20131J.1
64.Business Activity Code List for Form MGT-71J.3
65.Codes for Main Divisions of Industrial Activities1J.8
K.Various Authorities under the Companies Act, 20131K.1
66.List of NCLT Benches Constituted under Section 408 of the Companies Act, 20131K.3
67.List of Special Courts Notified under Section 435 of the Companies Act, 20131K.5
68.Regional Directors1K.9
69.Registrar of Companies11K.1
L.Punishment and Penalties1L.1
70.Offences Liable for Punishment for Fraud Under Section 447 (Cognizable)1L.3
71.Offences Liable to Penalty (Adjudication Under Section 454)1L.9
72.Offences Liable to Punishment with Fine Only [Compoundable]1L.24
73.Offences Liable to Punishment with Imprisonment or with Fine or with Both (Compoundable)1L.32
74.Offences Liable to Punishment with Imprisonment and with Fine (Non-Compoundable)1L.35
M.Documents and Inspection1M.1
75.Documents and Registers Required to be Maintained at the Registered Office of the Company1M.3
76.Documents Available for Inspection1M.8
77.Documents Available for Inspection by Director of Company1M.18
78.Documents Available for Inspection by Shareholder/Member of Company1M.19
79.Registers Required to be Kept open at AGM For Inspection1M.23
80.Powers of Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation1M.23
81.Circumstances for Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation1M.24
82.Consequences for Default in Repayment of Deposit or Interest Therein1N.3
83.Consequences for Default in Repayment of Debenture or Interest Therein1N.7
84.Consequences for Default in Redemption of Preference Shares or Payment of Dividend Thereon1N.9
85.Consequences for Default in Payment of Declared Dividend1N.10
86.Consequences for Default in Repayment of Term Loan from Public Financial Institutions or State Level Financial Institution or Scheduled Bank or Interest Payable Thereon1N.12
87.Consequences for Default in Filing of ‘Annual Return’ or ‘Financial Statements’ with the Registrar1N.13
88.Consequences for Initiation of any Inquiry, Inspection or Investigation Against the Company or any Prosecution is Pending Against the Company1N.16
O.Eligibility Criteria1O.1
89.Eligibility Criteria for Various Audits Under the Companies Act, 20131O.3
90.Applicability of Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS)1O.5
91.Qualifications/Disqualifications for Directors1P.3
92.Qualifications/Disqualifications for Independent Director1P.7
93.Qualifications/Disqualifications for Managing Director or Whole-Time Director or Manager1P.11
94.Qualifications/Disqualifications for Statutory Auditor1P.13
Q.Director’s Specific1Q.1
95.Board Structure1Q.3
96.Types of Directorships1Q.6
97.Duties of Directors1Q.15
98.Tenure of Directors1Q.17
99.Timeline Associated with DIN1Q.18
R.Board Committees1R.1
100.Constitution of Various Committees1R.3
101.Policies to be Prepared1R.9
S.Matters for which Approvals to be Obtained1S.1
102.Central Government1S.3
103.National Company Law Tribunal1S.8
104.Regional Director1S.14
105.Registrar of Companies1S.18
106.Registrar, Central Registration Centre (CRC)1S.23
107.Centre for Processing Accelerated Corporate Exit (C-PACE)1S.24
108.Approval in Straight Through Process (STP) Mode1S.25
T.Stamp Duty & Fees1T.1
109.Stamp Duty on Authorised Share Capital1T.3
110.Fees for Filing of Forms Under the Companies Act, 20131T.15
111.Annual Compliances Under the Companies Act, 20131U.3
112.Post-Incorporation Compliances1U.10
113.Parameters Based Additional Compliances for Private Company1U.11
114.Parameters Based Additional Compliances for ‘Unlisted Public Company’ Under the Companies Act, 20131U.15
115.Parameters Based Additional Compliances for ‘Listed Company’ Under the Companies Act, 20131U.23
116.Resolutions Required to be Filed with the Registrar of Companies1U.28
V.Deposits related1V.1
117.Types of Debentures which shall not be Treated as Deposits1V.3
118.Tenure & Limits for Acceptance of Deposits1V.4
119.i. Tenure and limits for acceptance of deposits (including outstanding deposits) by a Private Company or a1V.4
ii. Specified IFSC Public Company:
ii Tenure and limits for acceptance of deposits (including outstanding deposits) by a Non-eligible Public Company:
iii. Tenure and limits for acceptance of deposits (including outstanding deposits) by an Eligible Public Company other than Government Company:1V.4
iv. Tenure and limits for acceptance of deposits (including outstanding deposits) by an Eligible Government Company:1V.5
W.Powers of Central Government Delegated1W.1
120.Powers of the Central Government Delegated Under the Companies Act, 20131W.3
X.Registered Valuer1X.1
121.Specific Provisions which Require Valuation Report from a Registered Valuer1X.3
Division 2. Section-wise Important Circulars
122.Section wise Important Circulars2.3
123.Section 2(6)2.7
124.General Circular No. 24/2014, Dated: 25.06.20142.7
125.Section 2(60)2.7
126.General Circular No. 05/2020, Dated: 02.03.20202.7
127.Section 2(87)2.8
128.General Circular No. 20/2013, Dated 27.12.20132.8
129.Section 42.9
130.General Circular No. 26 /2014, Dated: 27.06.20142.9
131.General Circular No. 29/2014, Dated: 11.07.20142.9
132.Section 72.9
133.General Circular No. 16/2014, Dated: 10.06.20142.9
134.Section 82.10
135.General Circular No. 05/2022, Dated 30.05.20222.10
136.Section 412.11
137.General Circular No. 43/2014, Dated 13.11.20142.11
138.Section 712.11
139.General Circular No. 09/2016, Dated: 03.08.20162.11
140.Section 962.12
141.General Circular No. 20/2020, Dated: 05.05.20202.12
142.General Circular No. 10/2022, Dated: 28.12.20222.14
143.Section 1002.14
144.General Circular No. 14/2020, Dated: 08.04.20202.14
145.General Circular No. 17/2020, Dated: 13.04.20202.19
146.Section 1082.22
147.General Circular No. 20/2014, Dated 17.06.20142.22
148.Section 124(5)2.23
149.General Circular No. 12/2017, Dated: 16.10.20172.23
150.Section 1292.24
151.General Circular No. 39/2014, Dated: 14.10.20142.24
152.Section 1332.25
153.General Circular No. 10/2017, Dated: 13.09.20172.25
154.Section 1352.25
155.General Circular No. 10/2020, Dated: 23.03.20202.25
156.General Circular No. 15/2020, Dated: 10.04.20202.26
157.General Circular No. 25/2020, Dated: 25.06.20202.27
158.General Circular No. 01/2021, Dated: 13.01.20212.27
159.General Circular No. 05/2021, Dated: 22.04.20212.28
160.General Circular No. 09/2021, Dated: 05.05.20212.28
161.General Circular No. 13/2021, Dated: 30.07.20212.28
162.General Circular No. 14/2021, Dated: 25.08.20212.29
163.General Circular No. 08/2022, Dated: 26.07.20222.45
164.Section 1362.46
165.General Circular No. 11/2015, Dated 21.07.20152.46
166.Section 139(5) & 139(7)2.47
167.General Circular No. 33/2014, Dated: 31.07.20142.47
168.Section 1492.47
169.General Circular No. 09/2017, Dated: 05.09.20172.47
170.Section 1532.48
171.General Circular No. 07/2019, Dated: 27.06.20192.48
172.Section 1602.48
173.General Circular No. 38/2014, Dated: 14.10.20142.48
174.Section 182(3)2.49
175.Circular No. 19/2013, Dated 10.12.20132.49
176.Section 1882.49
177.General Circular No. 30/2014, Dated: 17.07.20142.49
178.Section 232(6)2.50
179.General Circular No. 09/2019, Dated: 21.08.20192.50
180.Section 391(2)2.51
181.General Circular No. 01/ 2017, Dated: 22.02.20172.51
182.Section 3982.52
183.General Circular No. 28/2014, Dated: 9.07.20142.52
184.Section 3992.56
185.General Circular No. 05/2014, Dated 28.03.20142.56
186.Section 4482.57
187.General Circular No. 10/2014, Dated 07.05.20142.57
 Division 3. Drafts and formats
188.Board Meetings Related3.1.3
189.Draft Notice of Board Meeting3.1.5
190.Suggested List of Items of Business for the Agenda for the First Meeting of the Board of Directors3.1.6
191.Suggested list of Items of Business for the Agenda to call AGM3.1.7
192.Draft Resolution by Circulation3.1.8
193.Draft Board Resolutions3.1.10
194.General Meetings Related3.2.1
195.Draft Notice of Annual General Meeting3.2.3
196.Draft Notice of an EGM Called on the Requisition of Members3.2.9
197.Draft Notice of Postal Ballot3.2.10
198.Draft General Meeting Resolutions3.2.16
199.Draft Notice of Annual General Meeting/ Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (for Newspaper)3.2.66
200.Draft Notice of Postal Ballot (for Newspaper)3.2.68
202.Formats of Newspaper Advertisement3.3.3
203.Formats of Affidavits, Indemnity Bond and Declarations3.3.16
204.Formats of Deeds3.3.42

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