Interest on TDS Litigations


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Title Interest on TDS Litigations
ISBN 978-81-972724-6-2
Edition 1st edn., 2024
Pages 240
Authors Kasi Viswanathan V
Publisher Bharat Publishers
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Delve into ‘Interest on TDS Litigations’ (1st Edition, 2024) by Kasi Viswanathan V. This 240-page book, published by Bharat Publishers, offers an in-depth examination of TDS dispute mechanisms, balancing acts, and inherent checks. Available now with a flat 27% discount and free shipping for a limited time. ISBN 978-81-972724-6-2. Explore chapters on the characteristics of interest, payee assessments, and new guidelines. A must-read for tax professionals and legal experts interested in TDS litigation nuances.

Chapter Content Page
1 Chapter XVII – Inextricably Interwoven 1
2 Balancing act – inherent checks and balances 8
3 Is interest contingent upon declaration? 21
4 Characteristics of Interest 43
5 Payee suffers loss whether interest attracted? 54
6 Interest – if self-assessment/advance tax are excess 77
7 Relevance of payee’s assessment and payment 84
8 Oscillating onus 111
9 Credit for Tax Deducted 118
10 New insertions, Guidelines and thoughts 124
11 Is interest on TDS delay – allowable? 127
12 Conclusion – the new beginning and take-aways 147

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