Comprehensive Guide to Reverse Charge under GST


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TitleComprehensive Guide to Reverse Charge under GST
AuthorsDhruv Dedhia, Vinay Kumar J, Rajesh Maddi
PublisherCommercial Law Publishers

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Discover a comprehensive guide to Reverse Charge under GST, featuring key chapters on various services and goods, procedural aspects, and input tax credit. Benefit from limited-time discount and gain insights into legal and compliance nuances. ISBN-978935063, Edition-Apr-24, Author- Dhruv Dedhia, Vinay Kumar J, Rajesh Maddi. Publisher: Commercial Law Publishers. Now available with a 27% discount plus free shipping for a limited time.

1Reverse Charge under GST – An Introduction1
2Time of Supply for Services under Reverse Charge16
3List of Goods and Services under RCM in GST25
4Goods Transport Agency Services44
5Legal Services by an Advocate78
6Arbitral Tribunal Services94
7Sponsorship Services100
8Government Services111
9Renting of Immovable Property by the Government139
10Transfer of Development Rights or Floor Space Index156
11Long-Term Lease of Land171
12Director Services182
13Supply of Security Personnel193
14Renting of Motor Vehicle209
15GST on Import of Services228
16Transportation of Goods by Vessel – Ocean Freight253
17Renting of Residential Dwelling Services266
18Insurance Agent Services276
19Recovery Agent Services286
20Transfer or Permitting Use of Copyright293
21Services of an Author307
22Overseeing Committee Services322
23Direct Selling Agent Services327
24Business Facilitator Services333
25Business Correspondent Agent Services340
26Lending of Securities347
27Reverse Charge on Goods354
28Procurement from Unregistered Suppliers381
29Compulsory Registration – Whom does it Impact?401
30Input Tax Credit408
31Procedural Aspects of Reverse Charge423

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